Python Dictionary

Dictionary is the important part of python data types and data structure , read this article again and again til you understand properly, if you have any doubts then comments your query in below of this section.

Definition of Dictionary:

  • Dictionary is an unordered collection of items , where items are stored in key/value pair separated by commas.


  • mydict = {key:value}

Using the above syntax now we will write a dictionary in below example:


>> mydict = {‘PyGround’:’learning’}
>>> print (mydict)
{‘PyGround’: ‘learning’}

Dictionary Operations:

  1. Creating a dictionary.
  2. Adding elements in Dictionary.
  3. Accessing elements from the dictionary.
  4. Removing elements from the dictionary.
  5. Important Dictionary methods
1.Creating a dictionary
  • We can create a dictionary by putting our elements inside a curly braces { }.
  • Every Key has a value separated by a colon :
  • Each key must be unique and immutable whereas values can be any datatype.


my_dict = { }→empty dictionary

  • my_dict = { ‘name’ : ‘PyGround} ⇒ Dictionary having element
  •                         ↓                  ↓
  •                        key              value

2 Adding elements in Dictionary:

Now we will add new elements inside a dictionary

  • We can add elements by assigning value to the key.
  • We can change the value of any key

Syntax to add dict element:

dictname[key] = value


>> mydict = {‘PyGround’:’learning’}
>>> mydict[‘tutorial’] = ‘python’
>>> mydict
{‘PyGround’: ‘learning’, ‘tutorial’: ‘python’}

In the above example we added one more key ‘tutorial’ and value is ‘python’

similarly we can add more keys into the dictionary


3.Accessing elements from the dictionary.

In the above section you know how to create a dictionary? and how to add elements inside that.?

So now its time to know how to access the elements, without access it is of no use to create a dictionary.

Rules to access the elements from the dictionary is as below.

  •  dictname[key]

Lets look the example here:


>> mydict = {‘name’:’PyGround’, ‘tutorial’: ‘python’,’year’:2020}
>>> mydict[‘name’]

In above I used ‘name’ key to get the value which is ‘PyGround’.

get() method to access the element:

  • We can access elements by using get method from a dictionary.
  • If key is not present it will through None.


>> mydict = {‘name’:’PyGround’, ‘tutorial’: ‘python’,’year’:2020}
>>> mydict.get(‘year’)

Here I used get() method to access the element , key is ‘year’ and value is 2020.

Lets understand more on get() method , If the key is not present then what is the output.

Also you can use a default value for that key so that it will return that default value while key is not present and you will not get any error.

Example :

>> mydict = {‘name’:’PyGround’, ‘tutorial’: ‘python’,’year’:2020}
>>> mydict[‘date’]
Traceback (most recent call last):
File “<stdin>”, line 1, in <module>
KeyError: ‘date’

Here we got an error while accessing an element which is not present inside the dictionary.

Which breaks our code , follow this below and lets see what happen.


>> mydict = {‘name’:’PyGround’, ‘tutorial’: ‘python’,’year’:2020}
>>> mydict.get(‘date’)
>>> mydict.get(‘date’,’no value’)
‘no value’

Here when we used ‘date’ key which is not present nothing came as output.

But when we used the default value for that key , it just returns that so it’s good now  😊


4.Removing elements from the dictionary.

Now you know about how to create a dictionary?, add elements inside dictionary and access the element from the dictionary. 

If you don’t read click the above links to know before reading this.

We can remove the elements by using the below methods.

  • pop()
  • popitem()
  • clear()

pop() Example:

>> mydict = {‘name’:’PyGround’, ‘tutorial’: ‘python’,’year’:2020}
>>> mydict.pop(‘year’)
>>> mydict
{‘name’: ‘PyGround’, ‘tutorial’: ‘python’}


  • pop() method always takes one argument i.e your key name.
  • Here we used pop method and deleted the key ‘year’ from the dictionary , as you see ‘year’ key is not present in mydict.

popitem() Example:

>> mydict = {‘name’:’PyGround’, ‘tutorial’: ‘python’,’year’:2020}
>>> mydict.popitem()
(‘year’, 2020)


  • Python popitem() method removes or deletes last elements from the dictionary , you can say last inserted item in the dictionary.
  •  If you are using less than python 3.7 then it removes the arbitrary or random elements from the dictionary.
  • Here  the python version is greater than 3.7.

clear() Example:

>> mydict = {‘name’:’PyGround’, ‘tutorial’: ‘python’,’year’:2020}
>>> mydict.clear()
>>> mydict


  • The clear method is so simple to use just write the method after the dictionary name with a dot then you dictionary elements will be deleted.


5.Important Dictionary methods
  • Keys()
  • values()
  • items()

Keys() method:

  • It will return all the keys from the dictionary a new object.


>> my_dict = {‘name’:’PyGround’, ‘tutorial’: ‘python’,’year’:2020}
>>> my_dict.keys()
dict_keys([‘name’, ‘tutorial’, ‘year’])


  • Here you got all the keys from that dictionary.

values() method:

  • It will return all the values from the dictionary as dict_values object.


>> my_dict = {‘name’:’PyGround’, ‘tutorial’: ‘python’,’year’:2020}
>>> my_dict.values()
dict_values([‘PyGround’, ‘python’, 2020])


  • values method  reruns  all the values is similar to keys method.
  • Whenever you want all the values from the dictionary then you can use this method to achieve.

items() method:

  • items() method returns all the key, value pair as a list of tuples from that dictionary.


>> my_dict = {‘name’:’PyGround’, ‘tutorial’: ‘python’,’year’:2020}
>>> my_dict.items()
dict_items([(‘name’, ‘PyGround’), (‘tutorial’, ‘python’), (‘year’, 2020)])


  • Here the items() method returns a list of tuples which contains (key,value),
  • so that  you can get all the keys with the corresponding values in a list.

Now you understood all about dictionary. If you liked this post then share and comments below.

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